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  • Let's Talk Fat To Get Skinny

    First of all the No Fat/Low Fat diet trend is SO 1990’s. At least 20-35% of your daily calories should come from fats, but not just any fats, Healthy Fats. Fat is ESSENTIAL to the human body! Without it, our skin would be dry, fat soluble vitamins wouldn’t be available for our bodies to use. This would prevent us from reaping the nutrient benefits and our brain would not be able to function. We need healthy fats to THRIVE.Read More

    01/3/2015 Home, Food & Nutrition 0 3899
  • Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

    They call it “Holiday weight” for a reason. It’s easy for us to lose sight of our health goals over the holiday season. Frequent eating, drinking, and being merry have a clear nutritional dark side. Other less obvious factors can also contribute to weight gain around the holidays including: increased stress levels, travel, and the interruption of routine. Here are our tips for avoiding the holiday bulge. Read More

    11/24/2014 Home, Food & Nutrition 0 2817
  • Why you should be using Apple Cider Vinegar EVERYDAY in every way!

    Apple Cider Vinegar is an amazing multipurpose product. The process of creating apple cider vinegar starts with apples being crushed and combined with yeast to ferment. This creates a hard apple cider. Bacteria areRead More

    08/13/2014 Home, Food & Nutrition 0 5719
  • Against the grain- The Paleo Diet in a Nutshell

    What is Paleo? I heard I could eat all of the eggs and bacon I want, but I’m not a cave man, how does this work?Paleo is short for Paleolithic. This period of time is better known as the Stone Age, where humans developed the skills to use stones as tools. The Paleo diet is based around the pre-agricultural period when our ancestors relied on nothing but hunting and gathering as a means for food. Read More

    08/7/2014 Home, Food & Nutrition 0 3130
  • Cold-Pressed Vs. Centrifugal

    What’s the difference between cold-pressed juice, juicing at home juicing and juice I find in the grocery stores?!Lately cold-pressed juice is the new kid on the block and everyone wants to know why they are so cool?! The biggest difference from cold-pressed, juicing at home with a centrifuge juicer or a good old Tropicana OJ is the way all these juices are made, processed and distributed. Read More

    01/11/2014 Home 0 62732
  • Cleanse Benefits

    Cleanse Benefits

    What to expect when cleansing!Read More

    11/11/2013 Home 0 1012
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