Nikki Team Cleanse Testimonial

Nikki Team Cleanse Testimonial

Cleansing Consultant/Farmers Market Manager
5 Day Cleanse

My goal length for my cleanse was a minimum of 5 days. I completed 4 days of strictly juice and minimum of 100oz of water a day. My daily routine consisted of drinking our tonic Can’t Compear in the morning followed by Green Routine lunch, Go Green for a snack, and Cookies ’N Protein for dinner. In addition to drinking 4 juices a day, I sipped on some homemade Kombucha throughout the day to help alkalize my stomach and add good probiotics in my gut.

I have been religiously practicing mindful eating for about 3 years now. Mindful eating is a mental state achieved through focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while consciously acknowledging one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. My personal goal for this cleanse was to dive deeper into this eating practice through awareness, intention, and meditation. I was able to explore different eating habits of mine and unveil layers to grasp a better understanding for my reoccurring food cravings. While drinking the juice, I consciously paced myself; allowing my eyes to fall shut and fully immersed myself in every flavor and sensation in my body. I truly believe that when we have more awareness while eating, we are able to absorb more nutrients. Every time I cleanse I reconnect with the importance of drinking water - most often we are just dehydrated!

I had a few setbacks during my cleanse that I would like to share. First and foremost would be not completing my 5th day of cleansing. The last night of my cleanse I indulged in an amazing plant-based dinner and fair amount of Boochcraft, shared with some of my favorite people here in San Diego. I “celebrated” a little too soon perhaps, but I couldn’t have been happier with the realization of where my cravings truly thrive - on wholesome food. Sharing meals with loved ones is my foundation for restoring my positive relationship with food. My second “setback” was not having enough energy to continue my daily vinyasa flow. I was proud to have listened to my body and not let my “I’m a active, strong, and determined woman” ego over power my bodily needs. The hours that would have been spent devoted to a vigorous yoga practice, were replaced with readings about mindful eating and living in the present moment.

As I reflect on my cleanse, I wrote down 5 lessons that I learned throughout my experience to later revisit when self-doubt and feelings of shame resurface. When we are able to embrace our feelings of shame without any judgements, there is a shift in how we are able to relate to ourselves. I find myself experiencing mindless old eating habits often, but I don’t look at this as I “failed” - rather an opportunity presented to me to practice and increase my awareness.

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