Kristina Team Cleanse Testimonial

Kristina Team Cleanse Testimonial

Cleanse Consultant/Writer
7 Day Cleanse

I had already planned to cleanse when Hanna introduced the team cleanse challenge. I have a diagnosed autoimmune disease that I manage through diet and lifestyle, rather than masking symptoms with experimental medicines that can do more damage to your body in the long run. It's a pretty restrictive elimination diet. The idea behind it is to eat anti inflammatory foods and stay away from foods that can cause your gut inflammation and harm, allowing it to heal over time. I have been following this diet for almost two years but have had no luck reintroducing foods. I had to have a couple surgeries last summer, leaving me a little less mobile and not able to cook for myself like I used to. Right after I had healed a bit, I got news from my roommate that she was moving out so I wanted to find a new apartment/roommate. I went through basically a pretty big life change. I had prepared a ton of frozen meals for my recovery but ran out around the same time I had to move. My new roommate loves pizza and burritos and that added a whole new level of tempation for me. I gave in and ate everything I knew didn't make me feel good for a few months. I gained a bit of weight back(I had lost around 20-30 lbs since 2014) and my skin symptoms caused by my autoimmune disease were back and very uncomfortable, not to mention the effects I was feeling on my energy levels.

I had seen amazing, pretty immediate results within 3-6 months of starting my Autoimmune Paleo (AIP) diet initially so I knew I needed to go back to that to detox my body and heal my gut again. This aip diet means cutting out grains, gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, seeds, legumes, sugar, alcohol, and nightshades. I also need to practice self care and make sure I'm getting enough sleep and managing stress. Normal stressors for a healthy individual can feel exacerbated to me and cause exhaustion and autoimmune flare ups. Yes this sounds crazy, but I know the last time I was really strict about it I had seen amazing results in my skin, energy, and felt back to myself again. I have been trying to do this for the last few months but Oreos were my weakness and cause a snowball effect for me. Having my whole team behind me and working so hard at getting back to AIP has helped me not cave. We're all about accountabilibuddies here. If you tell someone about your goal, you're more likely to reach it.

The next queston you're probably thinking, is Kristina?! What the heck do you eat then?? I stick to a diet of organic veggies, fruits, meats, and healthy fats. You'd be surprised at all the tasty food I eat. You learn to get really creative, I even taught myself to cook the first time I started my AIP journey. Pinterest and blogs have given me endless options for AIP recipes.

Back to my cleanse... With all my food sensitivities, many of our juices are sadly out of the question for me. I'm so glad my coworkers and I have been trained so well to be able to take a step back, look at whatever issue we need to work around and create custom cleanses to fit anyone's needs.

I cannot eat nuts or seeds, so all of the delicious mylks are out, chia tea is out, and some of the juices even have nightshades. During my cleanse I also noticed some of the superfoods were giving me weird symptoms and I found out they can be immune stimulants so I had to do some troubleshooting. My cleanses consisted of 3-4 green juices, an occasional fruit juice and a protein smoothie made from coconut mylk I made at home. 

My goal for my cleanse was to clear my skin and help me get back to being strict about my AIP diet and lifestyle. I don't want to say weightloss is easy, but when I'm being good to my body and feeding it the foods that don't cause inflammation, my weight ballances itself out. That being said, if I do the opposite, I gain weight like crazy.

I wanted to go 10 days without food but hit a bit of a bump at day 7. The first 5 days were a breeze. My energy was up, I felt full. I had a few cravings and a few slow moments, but my protein smoothies and soup I had prepared for the end of the day was enough to look forward to for me. The first few days, all my bloat was gone, and inflammation in my face went down noticably, I kept noticing my cheek bones popping out every time I walked past a mirror. 

As you can probably imagine, my body is a bit more sensitive to the input I need to get the output of energy than a "healthy" person. Day 7 I had no energy and was feeling extremely lethargic and weak. I laid in bed til mid morning or maybe even noon(it was a weekend thankfully). It suddenly struck me that I had forgotten to factor in that I probably wasn't getting enough iron because the beet juices I normally would put in everyone's cleanses had some ingredients I need to stay away from in it! I also crave iron rich foods(usually steak and other meats) like crazy a few days before my period, which of course it was about that time.

Always listen to your body when cleansing. You're the one who knows your body best, we can help you troubleshoot but definitely do what you feel the need to do! I went and got myself a beet and spinach salad and addeed my own steak. I felt 100% better after eating it. I finished out the 10 days with one small meal at the end of the day instead of my protein shake and weaned myself off my cleanse by cutting back to two juices in the morning, a healthy snack during my work day and a healthy meal, then finished the month with at least one juice to replace breakfast, a snack and a small lunch at work and an anti inflammatory dinner which i've meal prepped early in the week so I always have food on hand that fits into my lifestyle.

During the cleanse I lost nine lbs initially and have been able to maintain a five lb weightloss after transitioning back to full AIP. I've really only been able to work out once or twice per week, when I would love to work out at least four times a week because it makes me happy to get moving. I feel so much better. I think this cleanse was an integral part of me being disciplined enough to go cold turkey back to AIP. 

If you have anymore questions about my cleanse or AIP, feel free to email me! Call us now to schedule your cleanse.


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