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5 Day Cleanse

I joined this challenge because for one I love a good challenge and I was able to do it with my teammates and best friends. Working for OH! Juice over the years I’ve been able to incorporate our juices into my diet in just about every way possible.

When planning the challenge my goal was to drink at least 4 juices per day with a few shots for energy and detoxing while incorporating a light meal in the evening. I’ve fasted and ate this way for the last 3 years so this was not really a challenge for me, after four days I decided to switch to juice only. My biggest fear of consuming only juice is that I would lose muscle mass that I worked so hard to build. That being said I consulted with Hanna our nutritionist and she said to make sure I was consuming at least 1 almond mylk ideally with our plant based protein.

The first 1-2 days of drinking only juice are always the most difficult for me, but once my body started to adjust to the new diet it became much easier. Two days turned into five, once I hit my five day goal I had no reason to stop because I felt so clean, detoxed and energized. So I continued all the way up to 14 days, this was by far the longest I have ever sustained with no food. After the first initial few days I lost about 5 lbs but that was the total weight lost which made me happy. During the 2 weeks I was very focused, energized, still worked 10-14 hours per day and exercised 4 days per week.

I’ve always wanted to do a coffee enema so what better time to incorporate it! These are known to heavily detox your body along with removing toxins and go hand in hand with juice cleansing. Overall I can say that I’m extremely happy this challenge pushed me to take my health to the next level that I didn’t even think was possible. I just started another juice cleanse which I’m going to do for at least 10 days and continue longer if it feels right. I’m also a big proponent of eating raw food so when I come off my cleanse again I’ll stick to at last 80% raw foods, there are many benefits to this diet. Even though I attended social events where there was delicious organic food, my will to achieve a truly healthy state kept me strong. I feel healthier than ever and I even look more shredded with my shirt off!

If you have anymore questions about cleansing or would like to schedule a cleanse, call us now!


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