Taryn and Chris Team Cleanse Testimonial

Taryn and Chris Team Cleanse Testimonial

OH! Co-Creator/Cleansing
Spiritual Cleansing Coach
3 day cleanse

As many of you know, I gave birth to an amazing little girl last year. That being said, I've been breastfeeding for the entire year. Tanna just turned one in May and is eating partially solid foods. Obviously I've been enjoying and supplementing with juice the entire time I've been breastfeeding, but have not been able to do a full cleanse yet. With her first birthday just past, it was time for me to invest the time and love back into myself.

My goal for this cleanse is to reboot my lifestyle goals of intermittent fasting as a daily practice, to motivate others to try cleansing and to help them customize cleanses around their lifestyle like I was doing. And to connect with my partner, Chris over cleansing- something he has never done before.

I wanted to do a 3 day, no food cleanse. I pre-cleansed with intermittent fasting leading into it. Intermittent fasting, for me is just drinking liquids, or in this case, juice during the day and then having a large meal at night. This puts your body into fat burning mode and was a great way for me to prepare mentally and physically for my cleanse.

I started Monday on a full juice day and went through Tuesday with no food as well. However, we've been creating our food line for our upcoming cafe (YAY!), and we had a catering event on Wednesday. I ended up trying the amazing vegan, organic cuisine so I decided to carry my cleanse into the weekend. After completing Thursday with just juice, I finished out the weekend with intermittent fasting Friday through Sunday.

I drank 3 juices per day, one mylk and 3 Superfood Shots during my cleanse. After my cleanse, I had breakfast (tofu scramble) and could only eat half - instantly I felt sleepy! My body had not been processing that much food in over a week so it took a lot of my energy to break down that meal. SO Im going back to intermittent fasting for sure! During my cleanse, 5 other people started cleansing because of my story and success! It was awesome to connect with these people over cleanse and create the perfect cleanse for them! So excited to check in with them and see how their cleanses are going! It was really fun to connect with Chris through this cleanse. He knows I am a huge advocate of cleansing with intermittent fasting but has never actually experience the benefits. It was surprisingly fun cleansing as a couple! Getting into the cleansing mind set and holding each other accountable made it easy. We kept busy and did different activities instead of cooking or going out for dinner.

The easiest part of cleansing for me is being around other people who were cleansing since our whole team and TONS of our clients cleansed with me! I helped the cleanse along by staying busy and preparing myself. Getting into the cleansing mindset by focusing on all the positives, setting goals and looking forward to seeing results made this experience easy and run!

The hardest part for me was attending our first OH! Juice catering event - the food looked absolutely amazing - and it was! Social situations can be hard especially if you feel pressure to eat or don’t want to miss out on trying something new. In my case, I decided to go ahead and eat some of the delicious bites our new vegan chef prepared. I do not regret this! Yes, it was hard to break my food fast part of cleansing but breaking it with the food options I chose was a smart decision. For more info on what to do in social situations while cleansing call us! We love to give support and help you make the best decisions while on your cleansing journey!

If you have anymore questions about my cleanse, feel free to emal me: Taryn@ohjuicecleanse.com

Call us now to schedule your cleanse!


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