What Kinds of Oranges are the Best for Juicing


We all know about the orange juices from reputable brands; whether in a carton or bottle. These drinks are a staple for all ages. They are very tasty and refreshing, especially during a hot day. However, no carton orange drink will beat the flavor of fresh orange you’ve juiced yourself. Do note though that not … Read more

How Long Will Fresh Juice Last?


Have you ever taken a big gulp of a juice you made just hours ago, expecting a refreshing feeling only to get disappointed? It brings up the question, how long will fresh juice last? Usually, it lasts 24 hours after juicing. Nevertheless, how long fresh juice remains fresh depends on your juice’s contents, how you … Read more

Ways to Create a Refreshing Smoothie Without Yogurt


Smoothies are known to be creamy, yummy, and delicious. If you are on a gluten-free diet, lactose intolerant, or simply do not like yogurt, you are not alone. Many people are also looking for ways on how to enjoy their smoothie without yogurt. There are many smoothie alternatives for those who do not eat or … Read more



F.A.Q. Common questions to ask yourself before you start your cleanse Juices 1. Why is the juice so expensive? OH! Juice is the highest quality juice in the country and still has the lowest price per ounce for the nutritional value and quality. We are 100% organic, cold-pressed, raw (hpp-free), nutritionally designed, super food enhanced, … Read more



1. Before Your Cleanse Preparation is Essential! The more you prepare the better your cleanse will go! Get rid of all the meat, dairy, cigarettes, coffee, sweet treats and processed food days before and start by incorporating fresh fruits and veggies, lots of water and light exercise. You will be sure to increase the results … Read more



Cleansing vs Fasting So there’s Cleansing and then there’s Fasting. They are two completely different terms that tend to yield the same results just at different rates. Technically fasting belongs under the category of cleansing because when you are fasting you are most certainly cleansing. So let’s back up and describe each term and their … Read more

What Vegetables are Good for Juicing?


Are you impatient to unbox your new juicer to start putting it through its paces? If so, take a moment to consider your best options. Today, we’ll walk you through the 10 best vegetables you can use to get a taste sensation full of hidden health benefits. Crucially, we’ll also tell you what vegetables don’t … Read more

How To Freeze Spinach for Smoothies


While nothing can trump the quality of a fresh smoothie, what can you do if you want to cool your blend without throwing in ice? Well, one solution is to use frozen fruits and vegetables to bring the temperature down. The inbuilt benefit of this method is that you can take advantage of all your … Read more